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Improved insulation around water heaters In the event that your water heater is located in the garage, basement or another unheated part of your home, insulation will significantly extend its lifespan. For water heaters that are vulnerable to drafts that are cold and cold drafts, it’s a good option to put up insulation around them using 1-inch thickness fiberglass batts. The batts can be cut so that they fit perfectly around the heater. If your water heater is indoors and less exposed to temperature changes, you’ll want to seal off any outlets or heating pipes connecting to it by using to a flashing kit made of steel. 7. Replacing Conventional Light Bulbs by CFLs Lighting contributes to around 15% of an average home’s electrical consumption, a figure that should have homeowners consider the installation of a skylight, and then switching out their incandescent bulbs to CFLs that are compact and light bulbs. CFLs come with a 6- to 15-month cost-effective payback period for ROI household innovation. This is the reason they’re so in demand. CFLs are cheaper as well as more energy-efficient than ones which aren’t Energy Star compatible. 8. Utilizing a Power Meter Utilizing a Kill a Watt or similar device will help you determine your reductions from these strategies through calculating the watts used by each appliance plugged into your surge protectors or outlets. It’s straightforward to understand the power used through devices that have been connected, but not being used. Remove these devices! After turning off the power, many larger appliances still make use of electrical energy. Installing Solar-Powered Attic Fans Solar-powered Attic Fans 42kafrc8im.