A Review of Five RV Cooking Appliances – Travel Packing Tips

Although many RVers live in full-time, they face some difficulties.

A lack of storage space is among the biggest challenges in living in an RV. The RV lifestyle means opting for minimalism. The storage space for everything that you use each day. In order to save space in your kitchen, people tend to reduce the number of gadgets they use to their most useful ones.

The creator of this Youtube video is an RV Nomad, who’s lived in his vehicle for several years is also a full-time RVer. The years of his life were spent reworking the way he lives and washes his belongings so that he could find the best ratio of space and kitchen capacity. He recommends appliances that can be practical, but also affordable.

In order to get the most value from your tiny RV kitchen it is recommended to purchase an induction hot plate, toaster ovens, an instant pot, a french press and the panini press. They take up very little room, but provide a variety of functions. zm8695k9o6.