An Introduction to Gun Range Safety and Etiquette – Andre Blog

We are able to remind you about their behavior and rules of good manners.

Prior to entering your firing area, eye and ear protection should be put on. Before removing firearms from duffel bags, be sure to verify which direction the barrel is in. This way, the gun will always be pointed downrange. towards the target, when the gun is placed at the counter.

Keep on with the correct removal of the firearm. Verify that your chamber or magazine has not been loaded. This gun should never be fired if they’re not actively being used.

In the interest of your safety, keep behind the firing line to ensure your safety at all times. The line represents the vertical plane which is visible between the outer edges of your bench. Automated targets can automatically shift according to the direction you prefer. If for any reason it is necessary to pay attention downrange the “cease firing” is issued, and firearms are required to be removed and left at the side of the bench, unattended.

Safety at the gun range and proper behavior ensures that all users is able to practice safely within a controlled area. Anyone who uses firearms regardless of their experience must adhere to guidelines for safety. q4sugb98ok.