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Wire can be made from various materials like copper, silver and gold along with iron cabling. Three types of cabling on the market currently: coaxial cabling fiber cabling and metallic cabling (both solid core as well as stranded). Of course, each is different in its specifications, however they share a common feature; they connect people with electric power. The three possible ways to supply electricity to electronic devices include: through a cord that supplies alternating current at 60Hz frequency, through the use of light with a brightness of about 1000 lumens, or through cabling that lets the device to draw current directly and then transform it into alternating. There are different types of cabling for each of these three functions. There are times when you’ll use cabling for both one and two. For example, powering a computer by cabling draws power from the electrical cabling directly, goes through an inverter that alters the flow direction and then increases the frequency until approximately 50Hz. Then, it supplies that to the computer. 1qq385u5u8.