Cheap Kitchen Makeover Ideas for New Homeowners

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Move to Open Shelves

A kitchen with open shelving can seem quite chic. Use clever kitchen storage tips to your plain walls to add extra storage to display your most loved cookbooks and crockery collection.

Instead of investing money, you can remove the doors off your cabinets and build shelves. It is possible to organize your kitchen shelves by using an open door for your cabinets.

Add baskets to the wall

Install a series of wire baskets from the bases up on the wall, to avoid the accumulation of clutter on your kitchen’s countertops. Baskets can be used to organize utensils and to showcase cookbooks, spice containers, and various condiments.

Hanging your cabinets together, you’ll be able to create symmetry. Your d├ęcor will be lit by spray painting it with neon. This is an excellent option to add a stylish impact.

Incorporate the use of a Wooden Backsplash

Using stained wood as splashbacks is an excellent idea to add some bling to your kitchen , while remaining within the confines of a budget. There are many ways to add texture and interest to your kitchen. An Ikea open shelf can be the perfect way to arrange your items in a rustic manner. Use neutral colors to make a peaceful atmosphere. It will also go well with products from your pantry.

Create custom herb holders

If you enjoy cooking delicious homemade meals, there are many great cooking options for both indoors and outdoors. A loop of cable ties is required around the neck and sides of a glass container. This will allow for cables to travel over cup hooks which are then attached to wood like the floorboard. Put gravel in the bottom of the container to facilitate drainage. Next, add soil and herbs. Each herb jar must be labeled with a chalkboard marker