Everything to Consider Before Consulting a Basement Remodeler – Awkward Family Photos

It is essential to determine whether the basement can be renovated. The most important things that homeowners need to consider before completing their basement remodels are discussed in this YouTube video “Thinking About Finishing Your Basement? You Must See This First!

The first step is to determine if the home has a floor vapor barrier or a membrane of waterproof surrounding the walls of your foundation. These are not necessary to be present in homes constructed on the continent of North America before 1995. Basement remodeling also requires a thorough consideration of a basement’s capacity to withstand water events and relative humidity as well as the possibility of a return from your investment.

Basement condition determines the type of basement floor that could be used in remodeling. Homes that are not waterproofed should install subfloors with dimpled membranes. The dimpled membranes are a great way to help basements solve the majority of problems with water.

Insulated panels make basements waterproof. The thermal break in insulated panels allows for fluctuations in temperature between the basement as well as the floor.

In conclusion, ensure you have insurance coverage of your basement that has been renovated, as subfloors offer only a limited amount of protection as well as you don’t have enough plans to cover the unexpected nature of events.