Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings – The Film Frame

Logos are all over the place. Many logos were created to suggest something other than simple meaning. There are many logos that carry hidden implications that you’ve not noticed. Hyundai is one of them. Although it looks like an “h” however, the actual comprises two people who shake hands. Apple is another popular one. This concept was born out of an apple bag. Taking a bite out of an apple , it was discovered that it sounded exactly like a byte. It became an instant hit. Next is Amazon. The image doesn’t look extraordinary at first glance. The orange arrow in it is actually a smile. The stretch is across A to Z suggesting that they have the ability to market any item you could imagine. Toyota used to produce weaving machines. Each of the parts of the logo is a symbol for Toyota. Next is Continental. This logo is a representation of where two first letters make the shape of a wheel for cars. Formula one follows. If you pay attention at the red lines, they could be an indication of the speed speeds of the cars. If you’re looking to learn more about this take a look at this video. 3bp2dpt3yf.