How Fuel Injection Works – Kredy Online

This video will go over fuel injectorsand the way they function.

The fuel injectors are used in order to provide fuel to combustion chamber. A small explosion is caused that provides motor with power. This causes a 14.7 unit to one ratio of fuel to air. The main function of the fuel injector is to make sure that the fuel is distributed evenly throughout all cylinders. The car’s computer determines the amount of fuel to be injected with electrodes and electro-magnets. There are three kinds of injection. There are three kinds of injection: port, direct, and indirect. Port injection is a type of fuel rail for delivering fuel. There are different injection units per the cylinder. Manufacturers are able to produce this kind of fuel because it is cost-effective. It is however not as effective. Direct fuel injection is used in both gasoline and fuel engines. It is a wall- or spray guided injection. Spray-guided injection places an injector for fuel inside the cylindrical. In order to mix air and fuel it makes use of a vortex. Lastly, spray-guided injection makes use of a perpendicular-shaped nozzle for mixing the fuel and the air.