How RSS Improves Search Engine Ranking

Content marketing is a key strategy in today’s business world, as evidenced by MarketingProf’s 2013 B2B Content Marketing Report that showed 91% of marketers use content marketing and spend about 33% of their budget on it. However, with so much content being produced, Internet users are overwhelmed by this deluge of information being thrown at them. This is what makes RSS for websites so important, because it streamlines this info for readers.

RSS feeds for websites are oft viewed primarily as a simple service for customers, but many don’t know that they can improve a website’s search engine ranking. Search engines looks for websites that are regularly updated and provide relevant, fresh content. Having RSS for websites shows search engines that the site follows these important tenants.

Those are the most obvious and direct reasons, but there is also the benefit of link building. If you think about a website as a destination for search engine spiders, then think about links being streets between to these destinations. The more links to your site, the easier it is for search engines to crawl there and access it. With an RSS feed for websites, there are many more links that effectively make a site much more accessible.

To help improve the Search Engine Optimization benefits of RSS for websites, similar SEO strategies should be taken when creating the feeds. Firstly, know what keywords are integral to the success of your SEO campaign. Then, make sure that they are dense enough (but not too dense) in the various parts of RSS for websites, such as the channel title, the channel description, the RSS items’ titles, the anchor text and the heading tags.

Using RSS for websites to improve search engine rankings isn’t just a good idea, it’s a great idea. There are many other benefits of creating an RSS feed for your site, but few people consider the fact that it improves a site’s search engine ranking. If you have any questions about RSS for websites, feel free to ask in the comments.