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Roof installation costs can vary significantly between these roofing companies.
Many factors determine the price you pay for your roofing installation. The most important of these are the roof’s materials, accessibility, and pitch.

How much does a new roof cost you? The price of a brand roofing replacement is anywhere from $5000-$10000. An average roofing contractor can charge between $3.5 and $5.0 per square feet. Keep in mind that this represents the approximate price of a new roof, including the labor. The lowest you could spend is $1200.

In contrast, the cost of an architectural roof is between $13000 and $21500. The price will be influenced by the slope, size, and pitch. The architectural cost to install shingles is about $1.5 per square feet.
Sometimes a simple roofing repair can be enough. This project will cost you between $150 and $1500, determined by the severity of the work. The material you choose to use as well as the service providers you select will be a factor in how much you’ll spend in the long run. As such, compare each option prior to choosing. z9leiaxxhd.