Regular Maintenance to Prevent Semi Truck Repairs – Car Dealer A

channel, associated the channel Sawaya Fleet Service Inc, they offer maintenance tips that semi-trailers can benefit from. The clip is entitled “Top Ten Tips for Maintenance of Trucks.” One of the first tips is to make sure the tires stay in good shape and at the right air level and to check frequently. The low level of tires cause blowouts, flats and even flats. As vibrations may wear away parts, semi-truck repairs need to include alignment and balancing. At the back, the vehicle should also be aligned and balanced. A further tip is that trucks require high quality tires that endure long-distance traveling.

To prevent serious semi-truck repairs, the drivers need to conduct Pre- and Post-trip checks. Before beginning their journeys they should check the tires for leaks, or odd sounds. It is important to check the clutch since it is an essential device needed to run the truck. Regular oil replacements should be performed on all trucks per the specifications of the manufacturers. The lack of oil can result in engine damage and other problems that could lead to costly repair. It is important that your truck gets regular tune-ups each time it travels miles. It is a good idea to slow down your speed whenever you can. Wear on tires is typically due to speed. s5uy94juc7.