RSS Feeds Are Making It Easier to Navigate the Internet

Do you ever find yourself wishing your site had more subscribers or repeat visitors? What you may in fact be wishing for is an RSS feed for websites you administer. RSS feeds for websites are a great new tool that turns headlines and short blurbs from a site’s updates and renders them as ticker tape style feeds that will display on a user’s RSS reader.

An RSS feed for websites you run may contain news headlines, entertainment updates, tech news, pretty much anything that is regularly updated and can be digested quickly as a short bite of information. Let’s take a look at some popular RSS for websites “of the moment.” This should give us some idea of the sheer variety of types of content that you can see in an RSS feed for websites.

Among the list of the most popular feeds are: the New York Times’ “Books” blog, Drawn (illustration and cartooning), Rotten Tomatoes (movie reviews), Tech Dirt (tech news in a quick read format), national news, Wired Magazine top stories, daily Dilbert comic strip, CNN top news, Reuters top news, Slashdot (self described “news for nerds”), the official Google blog, Quotes of the Day, iTunes Top 25 Songs list, National Geographic News for wildlife and nature articles, New York Times’ “Fashion and Style” blog, and so on. I could really just go and go, and this is just one website’s list!

As you can see this list covers everything from pure entertainment, to hard news, to pop culture and the fine arts. There’s really no website whose content can’t be condensed into an RSS feed for websites and disseminated for viewing on RSS readers. Whether you’re trying to read RSS feeds for sites and blogs you enjoy, or preparing to implement an RSS feed for websites you run yourself, you’ll want to take advantage of this great new technology that makes sorting through online content quicker and easier than ever before.