Septic Systems, You, and Everything In Between – BF Plumbing Durham

In a suburban or rural area, you might have the cesspool septic system. If you are wondering- do I have septic or sewer, you can look at your bill for water to determine. You probably have a sewer system if there is no charge. If you care for it well of your septic system, it is possible to continue for a long time without needing a tank cleaning service to clear the tank.

For taking good maintenance of your toilet, you don’t require a degree in septic service. You just need to know what is safe to flush. The only acceptable flushes are toilet paper and human waste when your system is on the Septic. All other waste must be flushed out the drain or flushed. The solid waste can block the system, taking up some space, causing it not function properly.

It will allow you to be more knowledgeable about your wastewater system. A common thing that people who have a septic tank can utilize is to make use of an enzyme septic cleaner to flush it down the toilet. To cleanse the tank you could flush it down the toilet, and then dump it into it. c3dr1wkthn.