The Absolute Best Museums for Kids – Madison County Library

A fun family excursion, these are some of the top museums for kids:

1. Houston’s Children’s Center has an interactive FlowWorks exhibit which teaches kids about the scientific aspects of water and regulates its flow.

2. The Dubai Children’s City Museum has an massive computer, complete with motorized mouse. It’s an ideal alternative to escape the scorching heat.

3. The Canada’s Premiere Children’s Museum was built in an abandoned train repair plant. It allows children to explore a mysterious tunnel.

4. Three-story treehouses are available for the children to climb up at the Port Discovery Children’s Museum of Baltimore’s KidWorks Exhibit. It includes rope bridges, slides and even a slide.

5. Children can take part in their own show on the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. The museum is the largest kids’ museums in the entire world.

There may be a museum for children closer in your area, even the case that you’re not planning on going to any of these cities. Look online for information to determine which museums are available that cater to children in or around your home town.