The History of NBR – E-Library

NBR isn’t always obvious at first. It is just another material utilized to create o-rings or is it? Nitrile’s strength in an O ring can be traced to the long-running history of NBR. Nitrile rubber has an extensive and thrilling history, from conflict to tires. This video provides a thorough overview of the history of Nitrile rubber and its significance in the field of engineering.

NBR, also known as Nitrile was created to replace natural rubber. It has a specific combination of physical as well as chemical characteristics that permit it to be very useful and durable for various projects. NBR was an affordable alternative for natural rubber that was more expensive. It’s fascinating to learn the fact that Germany was the very first nation to make synthetic rubber. In 1935, the mass production began. Then, in the next few years all of the parties in World War 2 began to make NBR to support their war effort. There are so many opportunities to learn about! The next time you visit, you’ll have a chance to interact with war history the next time you go to a store and see a Nitrile Ring, or buy synthetic rubber.