This Minecraft Mod Overhauls Fishing – 1938 News

Explore Minecraft. Fishing is a wonderful way to relax after an exhausting day of building incredible structures, accumulating materials and killing monsters. There is really nothing better than hanging out with some friends and fishing on your private server. Consider looking into Minecraft server hosting. There are numerous hosting options available for vanilla or modded servers. For modded servers there is the Minecraft mod that you simply have to try.
Aquaculture 2 is a wildly popular Minecraft mod that completely overhauls fishing. This mod includes a wide variety of fish to the game. Additionally, it provides innovative ways to catch fish. You can make different tiers of fishing rods. Similar to iron, diamond, and gold pickaxes there are iron, diamond, and the gold rods. Each is superior to one of them. Rods may also be adjusted with bobbers or other baits. You may catch fish quicker while some may help you to find hidden treasure. There is even a whole new armor set called Neptunium Armor. 7pwqoh1b7n.