Understanding Mulching – Spokane Events

Prior to you start mulching, there are certain things you need to be aware of. In this article, we examine some of the things that should be considered when mulching.

When you are mulching make sure you use only about two to three inches in your landscape. A mulch greater than 3 inches may cause soil problems. The mulch will stop plants from growing as well as they ought to. Mulch can cause plants to slow down growth if too dense.

It is also important to know that mulch shouldn’t be placed on the base of the tree. Spread the mulch over the tree’s trunk for a few inches. A mulch layer that is in contact with the tree could result in insect infestations and various other ailments.

The final aspect you should know is that you should always rotate your mulch. When you are adding layers of mulch, it’s essential to rotate your mulch. There is a range of tools you can purchase to aid in this. The procedure removes the old mulch from the surface and then makes it fresh.