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Every medicine has the potential to cause nausea or upset stomach, even though it affects only the minority of patients. Skin irritation is a frequent condition that occurs when taking medications on the outside. Examine the label on over-the counter (OTC) items and packaging inserts and printed materials in prescription medication to find out more information about a medicine’s consequences. You should always consult your physician or pharmacist in the local area to know about any potential negative effect. Certain medicines are believed to trigger unwanted side effects.

Diphenhydramine (commonly known as Benadryl) is a well-known allergy medication. It helps with allergies. However, it may also inhibit its chemical Acetylcholine. This can lead to sleepiness and other adverse impacts such as dry mouth.

In the right dose, certain medications have hardly visible adverse reactions. Warfarin is also known as Jantoven, is a medication which prevents blood clots. It’s effective. However, serious internal bleeding could occur if there is a problem.

The FDA must approve the medicine before it can be brought to pharmacies. If the major flaws in efficiency and safety have been identified and the FDA will be able to approve the product.