What Can You Expect From a Truck Inspection – Custom Wheels Direct

It meets all safety standards. The truck also safeguards pedestrians, objects as well as road motorists. In most cases that is, that’s when the Department of Transportation (DOT) divides apart the regions and the systems that are assessed on their official checklist for inspection of trucks. Below are examples of what’s on the checklist:
Signs: High beams brake lights, headlights hazard lights. Brake system Brake system: Parking brake, brake pads liquid and hose. Walking-around inspections: Windows side mirrors, steps and doors, lighting, reflectors, as well as the license plate. The interior of the cab A majority of CDL holders use this checklist to examine their truck before and after every trip, as well as following repairs or other significant alterations.

The checklist can also be used by accredited DOT officials to conduct an annual check-up. Every 12 months, the DOT inspects every commercial motor vehicle (CMVs) weighing more than 10,000 pounds. Inspectors with DOT certification are able to block CMV drivers when they are at an intersection of the roads.

For information on truck inspection classes, watch the full video. a2qnthndcx.