What Does a Holistic Dentist Do? – Dental Hygiene Association

dental products to heal and promote the overall well-being of their patients. The dentist will thus use organic products for cleaning their teeth. For teeth that need filling, a holistic dentist will not use materials like silver because of their toxic nature.


An holistic dentist is one who avoids any invasive procedure for their patients. A holistic dentist may prescribe or prescribe supplements to treat teeth. General dentists could prefer to perform surgery to heal their patient’s tooth.


A holistic dentist may use natural products for treating their patients rather than mainstream dental products. The holistic dentist can help patients consider the effects that herbal supplements have on their health. A holistic dentist will take the time to understand and develop a rapport with their patients. The holistic dentist may recommend supplements to improve your overall health.

Patients and their families

The holistic dentist creates relationships with his patients in the process. The holistic dentist can also help patients to treat their teeth as well as advise them regarding their diet and spiritual practices. They must be monitored regularly for good health. c5uqbxh64i.