What Is Aerobic Septic? – Quotes About Education

Inside a three-chambered septic unit in which air is circulated into the third chamber. As the first chamber primarily overflows, the waste flows to that chamber. The decomposition of partially-broken waste accelerates when it comes in contact with the air. Although the process of decomposition will happen on its own by itself, the introduction of air triggers it to occur much faster. The mixture can also be enhanced with chlorine from the tablets. This waste turns to liquid and flows to the next chamber to be moved by submersible pumps. This pump activates the waste before sending it into the field of leach. Because bleach was in it, there are no germs in the process of moving out the leach field. Testing of soil may be necessary in a person’s area for determining if an aerobic septic will require it. Determinations are made due to the level of clay in the soil and the size of a site. If a site is prone to flooding in severe rain, then an aerobic system may be needed. vr4fd7648i.