What is a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Like? – Dentist Dentists

minor surgery. Continue reading for more information on extractions. This will make your mind less agitated.

It is an easy procedure that your dentist has carried out many times. The area will be numbed using an Anesthetic. You should not feel any discomfort during the procedure. After that, the dentist can begin the extraction. There are some who request laughing gas as well so they feel relaxed. Although you might experience some discomfort following extractions it should not become painful. If pain is a concern you should inform your dentist as soon as possible.

It typically takes around 46 minutes. The best thing to do is rest and drink lots of fluids after the procedure. It is also possible to ice your jaw. This helps reduce swelling and pain post-extraction. As you will still be experiencing the effects of anesthesia, you’ll need somebody to get you to home.

Contact your dentist now to discuss when you will need the wisdom tooth removed. They’ll recommend the dentist who is able to perform the surgery. The recommendation of a trustworthy dentist can help you feel more comfortable about your procedure.