What You Must Know about Indian Food – Articles About Food

It’s not easy choosing which dish to first try. This video will explain all you need to know about Indian Food to help make the decision less difficult!

A Mango Lassi is an Indian beverage that is worth trying should you ever decide to dine at the Indian restaurant. Mango Lassi is a refreshing drink that goes perfectly with fiery Indian cuisine. If you’re not fond of food that is spicy, then it’s possible to widen up your horizons. We promise that Indian food is full of spices and will please your palate. When you drink your mango drinks, be sure to start by eating some Naan. Naan is a soft and doughy flatbread. Usually, it isn’t available unless your meal is served alongside it, however ordering it for a snack to munch at while waiting is highly recommended! There are a variety of dips are served with your flatbread. with.

For your main course, a good dish to order is Tandoori Chicken. This is chicken that roasts in a clay oven , also known as the Tandoor. Saffron Chicken is another popular Indian dish. One of the best recipes for this chicken is the spicy yogurt sauce.