What Is the Difference Between Category 6 and 6a Cables? – Geek Support Tech

It is important to be cognizant. There are a variety of factors to be considered when installing cables of these sorts in your house or workplace. Continue reading to find out the difference between category 6 cables and category 6a cables.

We’ll first examine what similarities exist between category 6 and 6a cables. Both support bandwidth as high as 100m and at least 1GB in each. Though both offer 10 gigs of bandwidth However, they’re not the same range of connectivity. Both 6a and category 6 cables can be shielded, but not unshielded.

Let’s take a look at some differentiators. The category 6a cables are designed with higher tolerances as compared to the category 6 cables. In order to meet the higher standards The twists on 6a cables are tighter. In the case of category 6a cables the speed is 500 megahertz, while for category 6 cables, the speed is 250.

category 6a cables offer more strength. They’re more robust and wide however they’re substantially more expensive than category 6a cables.

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